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Fleet update (05/04/2016)

Tue Apr 05, 2016 1:15 pm by Tera 'Xydosai

Hello warriors of the Blades of Transcendence. Last night there was a meeting which a majority of the infantry and most key members of spec war were there for.

The topics varied from the 7 I shall discuss here.

  1. Infantry Battalion.

  2. Special warfare and infantry issues.

  3. Rework of basic entry cadet training.

  4. Restrictions for ranks.

  5. Attitude, in all forms.

  6. Feedback and criticism.

  7. Return of Veer Med 'Zamamai.

So, let's get it all started:

  1. Firstly, the infantry battalion rework that is coming around within the next few days, all promotions from here on out will be authorized by either myself, Kerzon Xydosai or Veer Zamamai, and will need to have reasoning and proof, all promotions will be solely field commissions as it is apparent that people get lazy when receiving full promotions. Secondly, the position of major is an incredibly valuable position as you still have the authority and an obligation to train minors in any way you know. The training within the infantry is also going to be reworked as running BTB sessions all night every night may be beneficial to an extent, a variation would allow not only for warriors to learn new things but for the sessions themselves to be increasingly more fun for warriors which will hopefully encourage people to join. Another thing that has been a large issue is people failing to adhere to the orders given by the superior members of the infantry command echelon. Any questioning from now on will result in extreme repercussions …

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Fleet Update (29/02/16)

Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:18 pm by Veer 'Zamamai

Blades of Transcendence Fleet - Battlenet Btfff_11
Blades of Transcendence Fleet - Battlenet Transc11

As is very apparent, the Blades of Transcendence has restarted on Halo: Reach under the command of myself, Ship Master Veer 'Med Zamamai. What are our intentions? Simple, to have fun playing as Sangheili again whilst causing chaos and terrorizing the remnants of a broken community. Our standards are still incredibly high. Therefore, individuals who display a lack of sensibility or interest will, as always, be denied.

Now, comrades, we don't know what the future of Halo holds for our species. For more than four years, we have desperately hoped that Sangheili would be added to future games. However, the negligence of 343 Industries has denied us this right. Nevertheless, the war machine of the BTF will continue to march forth on Reach for the time-being.

Our resurrection on Reach is no coincidence, we all share a love for playing as Sangheili and wish to reminisce in the glory of such. However, no-one can say how long this will last. This isn't permanent, at least not for certain. We will remain active unless physically impossible. If in the unlikely circumstances that Sangheili are added in the future, this will become a permanent reservation. Until then though, this is only temporary.

We thank you for your continued support and loyalty through this initial phase. I return …

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Fleet Update (11/26/14)

Wed Nov 26, 2014 11:55 pm by Veer 'Zamamai

Blades of Transcendence Fleet - Battlenet Btfff_11
Blades of Transcendence Fleet - Battlenet Transc11

Through the release of the Master Chief Collection, our leader, Kerzon 'Xydosai, reactivated the fleet from inactive dormancy. The Supercarrier's skeleton crew released our vessels and were relieved of their permanent duties. Legions re-armed and re-boarded their ships – the Covenant War Machine marched, once again, forever onwards. The blackening abyss of space had been interrupted from its wake by the thunderous storm of our fleet's flagship and vessels, formed in a perfect formation of destruction.

Halo 2: Anniversary allowed us to rebirth in High Definition graphics and with the greatest game engine every created. With this transition, we have undergone many changes. The most important of which is our ranking structure, our ideologies, our goals and the way in which we operate. Our glorious leader retains the rank of Fleet Master and will maintain such until such a time arrives where he will ascend to Supreme Commander; Ozaku 'Xydosai is the Special Operations Commander and I am the Ship Master. 

We have two initial goals: rebuilding and unification. Many old hats have returned; This includes the Crusading Spirit Fleet and the Sovereign Guard, and we plan on scheduling a lot of activity with them. Furthermore, with the inactivity that the fleet incurred over the …

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