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Apply for Enlistment here!

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Apply for Enlistment here! Empty Apply for Enlistment here!

Post by Veer 'Zamamai on Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:46 pm

Note: Your IP Address has been logged on our website – this will be used to trace your movements across our Global Battlenet.

Greetings, Anonymous. Welcome to the Blades of Transcendence Fleet's Global Battlenet. Here, you are currently inside of the External Battlenet where we review an array of applications for alliances, events and recruitment. If you are interested in enlisting there is an easy and direct method in-which you may use to enlist; this is by contacting members of the High Command whom will be outlined – you will go through a background check where you will be questioned and interrogated to ensure you know what you are signing up for and so we know what you, as an individual, will bring to our fleet.

If you are rejected from recruitment due to failing the background check you will be restricted from attempting to rejoin for three months, then if the same occurs again it will be extended for a further six months (or potentially permanent). Before you do that, there is a small list of prerequisites that you must meet in order to get through security. You have been warned beforehand. Remember, be completely honest throughout the duration of your interview as it helps us determine where to put you and whether you would be suited within our fleet as well as a benefit.

> Must have a mature and respectful attitude towards superiors and the fleet.
> Must be Lt. Colonel or above (Varies upon game (Based on Halo: Reach).
> Must play Halo regularly..
> Must play with the clan regularly.
> Must not be affiliated with another clan or organisation.
> Must wear fleet uniform and fleet emblem at all times (exceptions: if commanding officer approve).
> Must have some knowledge of discipline and respect.
> Must have some knowledge of the Sangheili and the Covenant.
> Must be of 13 or above years of age (exceptions: if voice isn't obnoxious).
> Must be able to listen and adhere to orders given by superiors.
> MUST have a microphone or be able to type really fast.
> Must have a copy of Halo 3, Halo: Reach and Halo 4.
> It is imperative you understand that this is a competitive clan which means we regularly participate in clan matches, raids, matchmaking and training sessions.

The personnel that you may contact are Kerzon 'Xydosai, Ozaku 'Xydosai or Veer 'Zamamai.

Upon submission of your request, it will be reviewed by Fleet Security within three to five working days (or immediately depending or member requirement). From here, it will be accepted or rejected following a certified background check from a Fleet Security operative or a member of High Command or Field Command. Furthermore, after approval a member with leadership authority Tier 3 or above will send you a friend request and commence the beginning of your Great Journey forthwith!

Good luck on enlistment, comrade. See you on the battlefield, as friend or foe.

― Ship Master Veer 'Zamamai

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