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Fleet Update (29/02/16)

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Fleet Update (29/02/16) Empty Fleet Update (29/02/16)

Post by Veer 'Zamamai on Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:18 pm

Fleet Update (29/02/16) Btfff_11
Fleet Update (29/02/16) Transc11
As is very apparent, the Blades of Transcendence has restarted on Halo: Reach under the command of myself, Ship Master Veer 'Med Zamamai. What are our intentions? Simple, to have fun playing as Sangheili again whilst causing chaos and terrorizing the remnants of a broken community. Our standards are still incredibly high. Therefore, individuals who display a lack of sensibility or interest will, as always, be denied.

Now, comrades, we don't know what the future of Halo holds for our species. For more than four years, we have desperately hoped that Sangheili would be added to future games. However, the negligence of 343 Industries has denied us this right. Nevertheless, the war machine of the BTF will continue to march forth on Reach for the time-being.

Our resurrection on Reach is no coincidence, we all share a love for playing as Sangheili and wish to reminisce in the glory of such. However, no-one can say how long this will last. This isn't permanent, at least not for certain. We will remain active unless physically impossible. If in the unlikely circumstances that Sangheili are added in the future, this will become a permanent reservation. Until then though, this is only temporary.

We thank you for your continued support and loyalty through this initial phase. I return from college after this week so we can begin training and additional recruitment to flourish our numbers. Just because we consider this as a "temporary thing" doesn't mean we aren't operating in full capacity; this is very much the real thing, so please apply maximum effort and consider our reputation when representing us.

It feels grand to be back, warriors. May we continue to pave the way to salvation! As always, press on with raid and clan match challenges. We must ensure that our war machine is felt in all reaches of the Galaxy. You, my brothers and sisters, are the messengers. Spread the word with your swords and your rifles.


― Ship Master Veer Med 'Zamamai

Rank #2 Globally for T-26 AGC.

"You slave, toil, bleed and sweat for your food. And we shall eat it."

Type-26 Assault Gun Carriage "Shelob" - This beast was renowned for being the largest and strongest that came from the countless brood of the Ungoliant spawn. Shelob was a relic from a time long past, and was many times larger than even the biggest Mirkwood Spiders. She was resilient, fierce and terrifying. The arachnid's venom was enough to kill a fully grown man with a single droplet, and her fangs were as sharp as ice. Making death quick and painless, more than they deserved, Shelob was a trustworthy and powerful companion.
Veer 'Zamamai
Veer 'Zamamai
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Supreme Commander

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Fleet Update (29/02/16) Empty Re: Fleet Update (29/02/16)

Post by Sila Renom Xydosai on Thu Mar 03, 2016 6:43 pm

These are the words I have waited to hear for years now. I stand with you. 
You have my sword, Shipmaster. Point me toward the enemy, so that I may be your instrument. 

(Fuckin' a right. BTF is back, and i'm ready to rock some socks again!)
Sila Renom Xydosai
Sila Renom Xydosai
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Retired Veteran

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