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Fleet Update (11/26/14)

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Fleet Update (11/26/14) Empty Fleet Update (11/26/14)

Post by Veer 'Zamamai on Wed Nov 26, 2014 11:55 pm

Fleet Update (11/26/14) Btfff_11
Fleet Update (11/26/14) Transc11
Through the release of the Master Chief Collection, our leader, Kerzon 'Xydosai, reactivated the fleet from inactive dormancy. The Supercarrier's skeleton crew released our vessels and were relieved of their permanent duties. Legions re-armed and re-boarded their ships – the Covenant War Machine marched, once again, forever onwards. The blackening abyss of space had been interrupted from its wake by the thunderous storm of our fleet's flagship and vessels, formed in a perfect formation of destruction.

Halo 2: Anniversary allowed us to rebirth in High Definition graphics and with the greatest game engine every created. With this transition, we have undergone many changes. The most important of which is our ranking structure, our ideologies, our goals and the way in which we operate. Our glorious leader retains the rank of Fleet Master and will maintain such until such a time arrives where he will ascend to Supreme Commander; Ozaku 'Xydosai is the Special Operations Commander and I am the Ship Master. 

We have two initial goals: rebuilding and unification. Many old hats have returned; This includes the Crusading Spirit Fleet and the Sovereign Guard, and we plan on scheduling a lot of activity with them. Furthermore, with the inactivity that the fleet incurred over the latter half of 2014 crippled the fleet considerably; some people left, few moved on, but many have promised to return. The only milestone that stands between us and accomplishing our goal of rebuilding is Christmas, this is due to many members getting an Xbox One and the MCC at Christmas or shortly afterwards. This, my brothers and sisters, is a time of rejoice and commendment – we have emerged the storm victoriously, and we will continue to ride this wave out until the very end!

It's good to be back, comrades. Let us continue to pave the way to salvation as we always have done. Spread the word, recruitment's open. With that we're also looking for raids and clan matches so start looking and inquiring (politely). Promotions aren't going to happen if you're sitting there doing nothing but demotions will. So, get off you fat sacks and start slavin', that's an order!


― Ship Master Veer 'Zamamai

Rank #2 Globally for T-26 AGC.

"You slave, toil, bleed and sweat for your food. And we shall eat it."

Type-26 Assault Gun Carriage "Shelob" - This beast was renowned for being the largest and strongest that came from the countless brood of the Ungoliant spawn. Shelob was a relic from a time long past, and was many times larger than even the biggest Mirkwood Spiders. She was resilient, fierce and terrifying. The arachnid's venom was enough to kill a fully grown man with a single droplet, and her fangs were as sharp as ice. Making death quick and painless, more than they deserved, Shelob was a trustworthy and powerful companion.
Veer 'Zamamai
Veer 'Zamamai
Supreme Commander
Supreme Commander

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