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Post by Veer 'Zamamai on Mon Aug 26, 2013 5:49 pm

Rank #2 Globally for T-26 AGC.

"You slave, toil, bleed and sweat for your food. And we shall eat it."

Type-26 Assault Gun Carriage "Shelob" - This beast was renowned for being the largest and strongest that came from the countless brood of the Ungoliant spawn. Shelob was a relic from a time long past, and was many times larger than even the biggest Mirkwood Spiders. She was resilient, fierce and terrifying. The arachnid's venom was enough to kill a fully grown man with a single droplet, and her fangs were as sharp as ice. Making death quick and painless, more than they deserved, Shelob was a trustworthy and powerful companion.
Veer 'Zamamai
Veer 'Zamamai
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Supreme Commander

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