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Site Maintenance! (1/30/13)

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Site Maintenance! (1/30/13) Empty Site Maintenance! (1/30/13)

Post by Veer 'Zamamai on Wed Jan 30, 2013 7:58 pm

Site Maintenance! (1/30/13) 327px-10
Administration has been reviewing the website and have fortunately decided to completely redecorate it as before the theme was dreadful, the buttons were different sizes, the background was too small and the entirety of it was just unacceptable for a Fleet of our quality. So, what did we do? Well, Grumpy and I, with assistance from Apex 'Jar Zanoee, Imperial Admiral of the Sangheili Eminence, selected a new theme which added the futuristic effect, a new background and a range of curvy, funky features which added to the space/futuristic theme we wanted. Secondly, we added Covenant symbols, courtesy of Apex, to our Forums to make it look more authentic. Third of all, we have dedicated Forums which will be up and running within two to three working days with a new system which will prevent any information being leaked. Fourth of all, we added a Points and Reputation system which you will see in full swing when the site is up and running.

Overall, not a bad start for a few hours work. The website will be fully operational by the end of the week. Until then, please be patient and inform fellow clan members of this so they can sign up to get the full effect of its launch. Keep checking back from time to time, you will definitely see a lot of improvements which will hopefully blow your mind.

That is all warriors,

Administration Team

~Veer 'Kai Zamamai; Major.
Veer 'Zamamai
Veer 'Zamamai
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